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Teacher PD

The Tokyo Association of International Preschools provides access to courses in education from acknowledged and accredited university programs. We think it is important for teachers and administrators to have access to quality education so that they can continue their journey of life-long learning.

TAIP also offers a variety of professional development workshops throughout the year that focus on different topics pertaining to preschool education. Annually, we host our main teacher PD conference, usually in October.

Topics range from

  • best practices in the classroom
  • first responder/CPR education to
  • classroom management
  • reading readiness
  • language acquisition
  • social awareness, etc.

The list goes on. Additionally, TAIP hosts teacher-meetings aimed at providing opportunities for educators to come together and share classroom experiences, teaching strategies and pedagogical approaches. Director’s meetings are also hosted so that administrators can network and problem solve in an informal, open setting to facilitate new and progressive ideas. These informal meetings are aimed at bringing members of the preschool education community together to form stronger bonds within and between schools in the greater Tokyo area.
In the same spirit, we organize school tours for our member schools to help establish deeper communal bonds in the educational community. Overall, we work to better the educational experience for all members in the international community, understanding that all good and valuable experiences are for and about child education and their learning.

If you are a teacher or an educator in the Tokyo area and you are interested in a particular event topic or program focus in preschool education, please direct inquiries to our program director at program.director@tokyopreschools.org