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I wanted to let all TAIP members know that they get a 5,000 yen discount when using the JobsinJapan.com employment website.   The amount does not seem large until you see that our job listings prices are cheap (15,000 yen – 35,000 yen per listing).

Since the relaunch of Jobsinjapan.com last July, page views to the site have grown approximately 10x.   Site traffic on Jobsinjapan.com has been steadily climbing which shows us that job seekers are finding our site easier to use than other job boards. It is very exciting to watch the growth. With our low prices (a fraction of other sources) and advanced functionality, we are seen as a great value for finding foreign teachers and staff.

Key features:

  • Attractive Job Descriptions:  Create your job using Rich Text and highlight  which allowing you to put job description information in Bold, italics, underline, bullet points add photos, hyperlinks and videos (YouTube video) to make a very attractive job description.
  • Screening questions: Tired of getting applications from unqualified job seekers?  Use the “Screening Questionnaire” function to inquire to all applicants as to their visa, qualifications, experience, etc You can ask yes/no, text or multiple choice questions to get a weighted score to determine if you even want to open up the resume. This is a huge time saver.
  • Application Destination:  You have the freedom to have job seeker applications delivered to the destination of your choice. (online resume management account AND emailed to your inbox, or directly to a page on your website).
  • Map view: Give the prospective teacher an idea of the location of the position.
  • Company profile page: Let job seekers know more about the company, benefits, and why your company is an employer of choice. The company profile page is also at no extra charge.
  • Resume archive:  Unlike some job boards, we do not close down access to your account soon after your posting expires blocking you from your resumes.

2) Prices: http://www.jobsinjapan.com/employer-products/
The paid listings are very reasonable……compared to other job boards we are very cheap.  We are offering TAIP members 5,000 yen off any job posting; therefore, depending on the posting level, the prices ranges have dropped to 10,000 yen – 30,000 yen depending on the level. Just use the discount code “TAIP5000” (without quotes) on the purchase page.

Level 1 – Featured  job listing (35,000 yen ==> 30,000 yen for 30 days)
In addition to being listed as Featured on the Top Page, your job will get Priority status in searches and listings. Instead of getting bumped down by newer postings, Priority Jobs stay at or near the top of the list for up to 30 days drawing greater awareness.

Level 2 – Semi-Featured job listing  (25,000 yen ==> 20,000 yen for 30 days)
For the first 10 days online, your job posting will get Premium search and listings, then the job will be listed as a Standard job.

Level 3 – Standard job listing      (15,000 yen ==> 10,000 yen for 30 days)    
The Standard level postings are listed on the site for 30 days with unlimited rich-text job descriptions, included in all applicable searches, company profile, screening questions, full-featured candidate tracking system, and much more.

I am most happy to visit you at your school to introduce myself, learn more about your hiring needs and show you the features of the jobsinjapan.com website.  I can be reached at peter@jobsinjapan.com to answer any of your questions. Peter Lackner