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The Association of International Early Childhood Education (AIECE) presents: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Reggio Emilia. February 25th-26th, 2017

AIECE travelled to Italy last February to attend a study tour of the world-renowned Reggio Emilia approach. We were impressed by what we saw and experienced there, but felt the difficulty of having the information “lost in translation”. Fortunately we were able to meet Marianne Valentine, a Scottish national who has lived and worked in Reggio Emilia as an early years educator for 20 years. As her own children went through the Reggio Emilia school system, we found her insights from both a teacher and parent perspective fascinating. She has also worked at the International School of Modena for the past four years. As the school is an International Baccalaureate World school, Marianne has deep, first-hand knowledge of both the Reggio approach and the IB inquiry based curriculum. She has been asked to conduct workshops at schools in several different countries based on her extensive early childhood education background.

The amount of in depth information and insight we received from our conversations with Marianne was amazing, and we want to share that experience with teachers and parents in Japan. We are very excited to announce Marianne will be in Tokyo from February 20th-26th to share her experiences and expertise. Save the date! Specifics about the workshops will be sent out in the new year. Please see below for more information about Marianne, or feel free to contact AIECE if you have any questions. aiecenew@gmail.com

Marianne Valentine: Originally from Scotland where she trained first as a classical dancer and then as a primary school teacher, Marianne has been working in early years education for almost twenty years. Having spent four years teaching in the historic private schools of Edinburgh, Scotland, Marianne moved to Reggio Emilia, Italy where she has been based for over twenty years. In this small, northern Italian town she has gained significant experience of the world-renowned Reggio Approach to Early Years Education, both as a parent and as an educator. As well as teaching, Marianne has also written extensively on the educational approach for publications such as the Times Educational Supplement and has produced a study of the system for the Scottish government department of Education. Four years ago, Marianne moved into the International Education sector and now works as early years educator and early years coordinator for the International School of Modena, Italy which is a member of the Inspired Group of International Schools. Marianne believes strongly that the basic tenets of the Reggio approach have much to offer the International community of learners, be that a child, an educator or a parent.