Master’s in Ed.

Masters of Education (MA- Education (International))

Obtained through Keele University UK



The Leadership PD Program is currently suspended until such time that the Executive Board can establish that this program not only has realistic and advantageous course options but that it is deemed a valuable program both by the Board and by the General Membership.

MA Education International Brochure
MA Fees 2015

How it Works:

TAIP will subsidize 10% of this course tuition fee for up to two people. An added early bird special 10% reduction discount will amount to a discount of 20% per person (the early bird discount is provided by Keele University and is the responsibility of the applicant to complete the application process before the Keele deadline — please see the MA Fees link above).


Additional Responsibilities

1- Each person enrolling in a Leadership PD course that is subsidized by TAIP will be required to give a presentation of their learning at a workshop for the TAIP membership.

2- Persons enrolling should be long term employees of their school and expect to be working at their school until the completion of their program

3- This particular Leadership PD from Keele will be reserved for Admin level employees of member schools.

How to Apply and the Awarding of the PD

1- Interested persons will need to contact the President before March 1st.

2- Recipients will be chosen by Lottery and the results will be given by March 2nd.

Online application needs to be started before March 4th for Early Bird Specials to apply.

*more PD opportunities to be included as they become available