TAIP Bowling Tournament

TAIP is excited to announce the 4th Annual Membership Bowling Tournament! Up for grabs is the Association Trophy to place in your school display case for a year and gloating rights to exercise at will! Who will dethrone Mitsui Gardens or will it be a three-peat?

Sign-Up Here: http://tokyopreschools.org/event-registration/

Location: Tokyo Dome City Bowling

Date: December 10th

Start Time: 10:00 am Please arrive by 09:30 to take care of checking in and shoe rental and ball choice.

Finish Time: 12:00

Each Associate Member and Institutional School Member can field a team of 2 persons to compete for the Trophy.

Team makeup: Each team needs to consist of 2 persons. They can be teachers, admin, office personnel or leadership group members. Please register your team members online.

All expenses for bowling, lane costs and shoe rental will be paid by TAIP. **Anyone wishing to have more drinks or snacks other than the complimentary ones provided after the elimination rounds, please bring your own. Each school or team member will be responsible for that cost.

**Tournament rules and specifics will be announced at the bowling alley.

TAIP Fall Conference Registration Open

Dear Members,

We are thrilled to announce the opening of registration for our October 8th Fall Annual Conference at The Montessori School of Tokyo. You can find the details and description in our original post HERE.

Both these incredible presenters will provide an excellent opportunity for professional development. We are doing our best to make as much space as possible for participants, but we believe this event will be popular and would like to encourage members to sign-up ASAP. Seats are limited!

You may sign up at our Event Registration Page. You should receive a confirmation email shortly afterward.

Principals, directors and administrators…PLEASE share this info with your teachers. We are frequently contacted by teachers from member schools asking about these events.

Once again, HERE is the event info and HERE is the registration page. Please don’t delay!

Thank you, and we hope as many of you as possible will find the time to come.



TAIP Board of Directors

2016 TAIP Annual Fall Conference

Dear Members,

We are thrilled to announce the details of our 2016 Fall Annual Conference. We have been hard at work preparing something very special this year, and hope as many of you as possible will try and find the time to attend. The details are as follows:

Date: Saturday, October 8th

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Location: The Montessori School of Tokyo

Price: Full-day: 5,000 yen with TAIP membership (10,000 yen for non-members). Half-day: 2,500 with TAIP membership (5,000 yen for non-members)


Lisa Murphy

headshot-on floor-small

Lisa Murphy, founder of Ooey Goey, has been leading seminars in the early childhood education education community for nearly 20 years. She has presented at schools and events all over the world, including NAEYC, where our staff found her. Her sessions are energetic, informative and highly applicable to the preschool classroom. The focus will be on creating a child-centered environment at school as well as a plethora of ideas and strategies for the preschool classroom. She will be running a full day seminar (there is no half-day option) that promises to be a very special event indeed.


Covenant Players


For over forty years, Covenant Players has used the dramatic arts to support the work of educators and social workers throughout the world. They use drama in the classroom to develop confidence and coordination, build teamwork and help students address the universal themes that address the universal human condition. This workshop will focus on helping teachers to effectively implement drama in the preschool classroom and engage students of all personalities and backgrounds. Participants should come prepared to have fun, participate and experience the wonderful world of imagination and how it can be used as an educational resource. This will be a half-day seminar available in both the morning and afternoon.


A flyer and instructions for registration will be coming soon. We hope as many of you as possible will take this opportunity to join TAIP’s 2016 Fall Annual Conference.



TAIP Board of Directors

April 20th 20:00~21:30 – Webinar #6 Supervising to Support Children’s Executive Functioning

Dear TAIP Members

Join our upcoming webinar –
Supervising to Support Children’s Executive Functioning

Here is the link to the webinar registration page:

Supervising to Support Children’s Executive Functioning
Wednesday, April 20, 2016 20:00~21:30

In this webinar, we will encourage supervisors to think about ways to help teachers to support children’s development of flexible thinking, planning and prioritizing, and initiation of tasks. How do we help children use ideas and information, rather than memorizing knowledge? This makes learning so much more dynamic and engaging for both the teacher and the children!

We will use CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) videos to show ways to build higher-order thinking skills into classroom daily routines and activities. Join us as we explore these ideas and challenge our own thinking about how teachers can help children to express themselves more originally and thoughtfully.

This webinar is sponsored by the Tokyo Association of International Preschools, and features experts from the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI, www.communityinclusion.org) at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Since the 1960s, the ICI has been a leader in the disability field. We promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities in every aspect of society, through research, training, and consultation, as well as clinical and employment services. Our projects increase disability inclusion across the United States and internationally.

A recording of the webinar will be available for those who cannot make the date and time.

2016 AGM Announcement

Dear TAIP Members,

I hope the New Year has started off smooth for you all.  On January 25th from 18:00~20:00 will be our Annual AGM.  The event will be held at Aoba-Japan International School.  Light refreshments will be served.
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/6G8FhM7dzLL2
RSVP: http://tokyopreschools.org/event-registration/

In 2015 there was an additional position added to the Board as well as an issue with the President-Elect Position.

  • The position added was Technology Director.  This position was filled by Christopher Holland from Columbia International School.  This position works closely with the Webmaster to manage, design, maintenance and assist members in utilizing the website.
  • As you know, Royce Jacobs is the President-Elect.  He is supposed to assume the duties of President on January 25th.  The dilemma is that last year Royce left his position at a TAIP member school.  He is currently in the process of becoming the Head of Academics at a new school, which will be opening April 1, 2016.  The new school is planning to become a TAIP member.

This is where we need to hear your voice.  We may need to revise the constitution to add text about the new position.  Do you agree for Royce to assume the responsibility of President or should he remain President-Elect for another year?  Meaning I would remain President for an additional year. This needs to be put up for a vote at the AGM meeting.

Additionally, if the decision is for Royce to remain as President-Elect for another year, should we hold a possible election for President-Elect if here are any individuals at other member schools interested in running for the position?
We have a lot to discuss on the 25th.  I hope you are able to attend.

Please check this link to review last year’s minutes so the topic may be expedited during the meeting.

Best regards,

Bruce Gomez, President